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Alphabetical Listing of IQ Societies affiliated with the World Intelligence Network:

Note: I've added percentile information where missing, and shortened or made minor grammatical corrections where appropriate, otherwise they match each society's homepage verbatim.

Wikipedia: Intelligence Quotient
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Atlantiq Society (Full Members)
95th percentile; 1/20; IQ 124 sd 15, 126 sd 16; +1.65?

AtlantIQ Society was founded with the purpose of bringing together high IQ people (in the top 5% - minimum of 125 IQ), who show special skills in the field of art and science, and have an interest in pursuing intellectual challenges.

Leonardo Da Vinci is probably the greatest genius in history, his "Atlantic Code" is a collection of books full of drawings and notes about anatomy, astronomy, botany, chemistry, geography, mathematics, engineering, machines, studies on bird flight and architecture. Like the Atlantic Code, AtlantIQ Society wants to garner ideas and thoughts of uncommon people about the most interesting topics.

AtlantIQ Society was born on 12-Jan-2010 and was founded by two italian members from other IQ societies, Beatrice Rescazzi and Moreno Casalegno, with the purpose of creating a new italian and international society, to reunite members with high intelligence and talent in the fields of art and science. AtlantIQ publishes a quarterly magazine and starts innovative projects as its collaboration with Unicef.

Website: AtlantIQ.
Group Color: Vellum/Peach



BPIQ Society (Full Members)
Full Members: 98.2nd percentile; IQ 132 sd15, 134 sd16; +2.13?

BPIQ is derived from “BiPolar IQ” Society. The logo is a partial ambigram (reading similar upside-down), with all four letters combined.

The BPIQ Society was founded on July 21st, 2005. There are currently 22 active members. To become a member, you must be able to provide verification of IQ in the form of having taken a supervised test or one of various available online tests and have a serious psychological condition. This group is also open to high IQ’ers who have intimate family members with complications or are in the field of psychology.

BPIQ was designed to support BiPolar, Schizophrenic and other major psychological concerns of members with high IQ. We discuss art, writing, music, ideas and aide one another in support. We are here to educate, relate and feedback, unimpeded. It is a somewhat private group, in that we do not list our members names. There is no fee for membership.

Website: BPIQ.
Group Color: Earth <-- temporary



Civiq Society (Full Members)
99.87th percentile; 13/10,000; IQ 145 sd 15, 148 sd 16; 3?.

CIVIQ society is an international society for people having tested at a very high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) at or above the third standard deviation above the statistical mean of the population.

The name CIVIQ comes from the latin word civis which means citizen. Added to the letters IQ, we obtain the idea of a community where the members are linked by their intellectual abilities.

Official Website: Civiq.
Group Color: Red



Colloquy Society (Full Members)
99.5th percentile; 1/200; IQ 139 sd 15, 141 sd 16; +2.58?

Colloquy is, to the best of our knowledge, the first high-IQ society based entirely on the Internet. It is created as a forum for the collegial sharing of thoughts, experiences, and creative expression among people of superior intelligence. Defining our terms, what could be considered as superior intelligence? Statistically, perhaps arbitrarily, the highest half-percent of the general populace are placed into this category, at 2.58 standard deviations above the mean. Assuming a 15.5 s.d., this level is 140 IQ... not that undue emphasis should be placed upon such tests. Intelligence is a curious quality, easily recognized while somewhat elusive when precise definitions are sought. Consider the contemporary theories of Gardner and Sternberg, which recognize multiple aspects of intelligence.

Official Website: Colloquy.
Group Color: Orichalum



ePida Society (Full Members)
99.94th percentile; 3/5,000; IQ 149 sd15, 152 sd16; +3.25?

Epida is a high IQ society founded on 01/09/2010 for people with an IQ equal to or higher than 152 on a scale using a standard deviation of 16. This is to say that 0.06% of the world population would qualify.

The word 'Epida' actually embodies the minimum criterion for admission. How so? An IQ of 152 is 3.25 standard deviations from the norm, 3.25 is equal to 3 + 1/4. Realizing that the first letter of 'plus' is 'p' and the first letter of 'division' is 'd', and replacing these symbols with these letters in '3+1/4' one obtains '3p1d4'. Replacing the numbers with their similarly-shaped letters in the western alphabet, one obtains Epida!

Official Website: ePida Society
Group Color: Olive



Epic IQ Society (Full Members)
99.8th percentile; 1/500; IQ 143 sd 15, 146 sd 16; +2.88?

The main goal of the ePiq IQ Society is to bring together intelligent people from all around the globe. It is widely known that there are many web based IQ societies on the internet and that many of them require money for membership. Becoming a member in our society is free. We accept anyone who has a score at or above the 99.8th percentile on one or more of our accepted tests.

Official Website: ePiq.
Group Color: Lavender/Periwinkle



Giga Society (Full Members)
99.9999999th percentile; 1/billion; IQ 190 sd 15, 196 sd 16; +6.04?

Membership of The Giga Society is ideally open to anyone outscoring 99.9999999 % of the adult population on at least one of the accepted tests. This means that in theory one in a billion individuals can qualify. An intelligence performance at or above the 6th standard deviation above the statistical mean is required for entering the society.

Main goals of The Giga Society are to enable the standardization of intelligence test norms in the very high range, and to facilitate the study of creativity and genius in terms of personality features. This is done by recognizing high-scoring candidates for their effort in taking the tests (not for being intelligent), Giga Society membership being one of the incentives for test-taking. Inspired by the prospect of membership, many take the tests, thus bringing in much research data. This is explained so explicitly in this paragraph because experience has shown that some otherwise misunderstand the nature of the society, and mistake it for a cult of megalomania.

Official Website: Giga.
Group Color: Flourescent Green



Greatest Minds Society (Full Members)
98th percentile; 1/50; IQ 130 sd15, 132 sd 16; +2.05?

The Greatest Minds Society was founded in April 11, 2010 by Roberto A. Rodriguez. The society goal is to bring together the greatest minds and thinkers for the purpose of developing and sharing ideas that benefit humanity publishing periodically a magazine that will be available to anyone. The intra societal activities are philosophical discussions. Contests of art, poetry, philosophy will take place with a reward for the best ideas that benefit humanity.

Official Website: Greatest Minds Society.
Group Color: Antique Copper



Helliq Society (Full Members)
99.997th percentile; 3/100,000; IQ 160 sd15, 164 sd 16; +4.01?

The HELLIQ Society is the new millenium high IQ society for the profoundly gifted homines intelligentes. Founded on the first day of the third millenium it functions as an entirely web based superior intelligence community. The minimum requirement to enter the Helliq Society is a performance on an acceptable standardized IQ test of at least four standard deviations above the average of the general population. This corresponds to an IQ 164 s.d. 16, or IQ 160 s.d. 15.

The society name is inspired by one of the bedrocks of modern civilization, the culture, science and art of classical Greece and those of the Hellenistic period. The name of the society consists of four letters hell, before the IQ component. The number of those letters corresponds to the least number of standard deviations (4) on an intelligence test in order to become a member of the society. The first component of the name is meant to be highly related with the Greek word for GREEK, which is HELLENIC and also with the Greek word for the sun, which is HELIOS. Helliq members are symbolicaly reffered to as HELLIA. HELLIQ society is dedicated to the application of valid, scientific instruments in identifying people at the farthest limits of measurement of cognitive abilities and assembling them together.

Official Website: Helliq.
Group Color: Cobalt {Sky} Blue



Infinity International Society (Full Members)
99.63rd Percentile; 1/370; IQ 140 sd 15, IQ 143 sd 16; +2.88?

The Infinity International Society (IIS) was founded by Jeffrey Osgood on January 30, 2007. We are a 99.63 percentile IQ Society, whose members have a minimum IQ quotient of 140 (15 SD). Our main purpose is to interact with each other in stimulating online forum discussions and to share in the camaraderie of our fellowship. We would like to invite you to consider applying for membership should you meet the necessary entry qualifications. For more information regarding membership please see our admissions page.

Official Website: Infinity International.
Group Color: Cerenkov Blue <-- Cerenkov Defined



Ingenium Society (Full Members)
98th percentile; 1/50; IQ 130 sd15, 132 sd16; +2.06?

Ingenium was founded in 2008 and has currently over 80 members from all over the world. Ingenium accepts members that can provide the society with a IQ score at or above the 98th percentile on a valid standardized or high-range IQ test. Ingenium staff are well educated and has a lot of experience regarding tests, memberships, and questions regarding the society. Ingenium has it's own magazine "Charta Ingeniosus", wich is created by the members. The magazine is also free for Uniq and Logiq members.

Ingenium is latin and means "talent", it can also be used as "nature", or "Innate character". Ingenium HIQS lets the members showcase their skill, art, poetry, music, and puzzles are posted frequently inside the Ingenium HIQS.

Official Website: Ingenium.
Group Color: Sable



IQuadrivium Society (Full Members)
99.9th percentile; 1/1,000; IQ 146 sd15, 149 sd16; +3.09?

The IQuadrivium Society is an organization comprised of individuals scoring at or above the 99.9th percentile of the general population on a standardized test of intelligence.

The Society's purpose is to promote and encourage interaction within its membership, to facilitate the exchange of ideas, and to provide a sense of intellectual community among the members.

Official Website: IQuadrivium
Group Color: Deep Purple



ISI-Society (Full Members)
99.93rd Percentile; 7/10,000; IQ 149 sd 15, 151 sd16; +3.2?

ISI-S was founded with the aim of bringing together intelligent individuals who also value creativity. The intention of the society is not to limit membership to individuals with only a high IQ, because IQ in itself is not a sufficient indicator of creativity. However, the only practical, objective and fair way we can discriminate at this level is to use high range or other IQ tests as tools for admission.

Official Website: ISI-Society.
Group Color: Hot Pink



Logiq Society (Full Members)
99.9th percentile; 1/1,000; IQ 146 sd15, 149 sd16; +3.09?

Logiq society was founded in January of 2010. Logiq Society is a high IQ societyopen for individuals with an IQ score at or above the 99.9th percentile (IQ 146 sd15, IQ 149 sd16) on a standardized or high-range test. The main goal of the Logiq Society is to bring highly intelligent people together to discuss various topics, take part of tests and puzzles, art and poetry. Logiq Society has a vararity of tests that can be taken for free inside the society.

Logiq Society members can also contribute to the society magazine "Charta Ingeniosus" by sending in articles, artwork ect. All content is made from the members of Ingenium HIQS, Uniq and Logiq Society members.

Official Website: Logiq.
Group Color: Tangerine



Olympiq Society (Full Members)
99.99997th percentile; 3/10,000,000; IQ 175 sd 15, 180 sd 16; +5?

OLYMPIQ society stands as the most exclusive extremely High-IQ organization. The minimum requirement for entering the society is an intelligence performance at or above the level of the fifth standard deviation above the statistical mean, ie. an IQ of 180, sd 16, respectively IQ 175, sd 15. The V letters of the prefix represent the number of the standard deviations on IQ above the average needed to become a member.

The in-base philosophy of this global intellectual community is the Olympic idea applied in intelligence. Our members’ ingenuity and intellectuality are considered as parameters to generate the best for mankind. Therefore, any member of the OLYMPIQ should have been qualified based on “Olympic” level intelligence criteria. OLYMPIQ members are called OLYMPIANS.

Official Website: Olympiq.
Group Color: Antique Bronze



PARS Society (Full Members)
99.99997th percentile; 3/10,000,000; IQ 175 sd 15, 180 sd 16; +5?

The Pars Society was founded in 2002 by Baran Yönter as a High Intelligence Society. Main goal of the Society is to provide a private, intellectual and peaceful cyberspace among its members. Pars Society offers an absolute liberty of speech, and encourages exchange of ideas and projects. According to our International Membership Structure, our exceptionally gifted Members represent more than 17 countries in Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. Members of The Pars Society have a broad spectrum of educational and professional backgrounds. Common properties of The Society can be summarized as giftedness, kindness and the enthusiasm of cooperation and dialouge among every other Society in HIQ Land.

Individuals with a proof of their intelligence level at or above +5 standard deviations can apply for Membership.

Official Website: PARS.
Group Color: Brass



sPIqr Society
Full Member: 99.98th percentile; 1/5,000; IQ 153 sd 15, 157 sd 16; +3.54?
Prospective: 98.60th percentile; 7/500; IQ 133 sd 15, 135 sd 16; +2.2?

sPIqr is an international society founded on 18th February 2010 with the purpose of bringing together people who pass a certain percentile in two or more IQ tests that they have selected for admission. The minimum accepted IQ score corresponds to 153, s.d. 15, in at least one test for each of the two considered areas (spatial and logical-numerical). Only first attempts are valid. Only one person in 5,000 of the general population is a potential member. Theoretically, there are more than 1,000,000 members on Earth. By comparison with MENSA, the largest society of this kind in the world, the admission qualification is over 100 times more selective.

The acronym sPIqr derives from the Italian pronunciation of what is without doubt the most famous crest of the ancient Roman Republic: S.P.Q.R., that is, "Senatus Populusque Romanus". Furthermore, pi=3.1415... is the relationship between the diameter of a circle and its perimeter. In the mind of humankind, the circle has always represented the ideal of perfection; Dante Alighieri wrote in his masterpiece that God had revealed himself to the writer via three circles of different colours. Obviously sPIqr also contains the letters "IQ", which indicates the core element of this kind of virtual cafe.

The purpose of the sPIqr is make the whole world aware of how important the inclusion of gifted children is within the school system. Very often these brilliant children have to face up to a hostile environment that doesn't allow them to fully express their abilities.

The philanthropic purpose of the sPIqr derives from Beatrice Rescazzi, Moreno Casalegno and Marco Ripà's ideas. The collaboration with the AtlantIQ Society (which is a partner in the project) aims to approach the "gifted children" theme from various points of view, and hopes to propose concrete solutions.

Official Website: sPiqr.
Group Color: Strawberry



Uniq Society (Full Members)
99th percentile; 1/100; IQ 135 sd 15, 137 sd 16; +2.33?

Uniq Society was founded in 2009 and online 1/1/10. Uniq is looking for the truly creative genius, the composer, the scientist, the writer. UNIQ society was founded with the aim to bring intelligent individuals together to express creativity, share ideas and to be able to discuss openly in various topics without any restrictions. Uniq Society has it's own magazine, "Charta Ingeniosus", wich is created by the members. The magazine is also for the members of Ingenium HIQS and Logiq Society.

To become a member of Uniq, you must provide evidence of an IQ at or above the 99th percentile, this corresponds to an IQ of 135 (SD=15) / 137 (SD=16), Sigma 2.31. Uniq accepts standardized and high-range IQ tests.

Official Website: Uniq.
Group Color: Cyan


Listed by Percentile order:

Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image

Atlantiq * Ingenium * GMS * BPIQ * Uniq
Colloquy * IIS * ePiq * Civiq * IQuadrivium
Logiq * ISI-S * ePida * sPiqr * Helliq
PARS * Olympiq * Giga
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