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By Darb
PLEASE NOTE: This is a private members-only forum. At this time we are only activating members into WIN who are members of at least one of our affiliated societies. A list of the societies currently affiliated with WIN can be seen in this thread. If you are not yet a full (or Honorary) member of one of these societies, we thank you for your interest, and encourage you to formally apply for admission through the appropriate Affiliated Society Website(s). All zero-posting non-society user accounts are periodically pruned from our memberlist.

Instructions for newly registering members of affiliated societies:
The tiny public portion of the forum you are currently viewing is a READ-ONLY stub. In order to access the members-only forum, you must be activated into the appropriate society usergroup(s). After you complete the normal forum account registration process (which requires selecting a username, password, and entering a working e-mail account for authentication), you must then request activation into the forum usergroups(s) corresponding to the societies that you are already a full member of. To do so, use the clickpath below.

User Control Panel > Usergroups > {check the groups you are a member of} > Join Selected + Submit.**

Within a few hours or days, the appropriate usergroup leaders (usually the society founders or their designees) will verify your account information with their membership officer(s) prior to approving your usergroup join request. Once approved, the appropriate fora will become visible, and an e-mail notification will automatically be sent to the e-mail address you used to register your account.

It is the responsibility of all newly registering users to request JOIN for the appropriate society usergroup(s) to which they are a member, per the instructions given above. All accounts neglecting to do so will be periodically deleted.

** NOTES: The User Control Panel (UCP) jumplink is in the extreme upper left corner of this page. Note also that clicking "join" on a forum usergroup is not intended to be a substitute for the normal society application process, which must occur through the appopriate society's official website.
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By Darb
SPECIAL GUESTS: We have created a "Special Guests" usergroup to accomodate the credentials listed below, in order to be able to welcome those who are not yet a full member of our currently affiliated societies. If you have one of these credentials, please contact the group leader and/or founder of the appropriate affiliated society, and ask them to recommend accomodation on WIN.

> Founders of non-affiliated IQ Societies.
> Honory members of Affiliated Societies.
> Creators of recognized, high-quality, IQ Tests.

Please note: at the present time, we are not yet able to accomodate "subscriber" status ... we hope to eventually, but we're not quite there yet.
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